About Aderinsola




Aderinsola is a self-taught freelance photographer specializing in commercial, lifestyle, event and wedding photography. She is based in Ellicott City, MD. Since she was young, it was apparent that she had a creative mind and could see things in a way others couldn't. 


Aderinsola was first formally introduced to photography in 2013. At this time, she got to learn the basics of photography and composition, how to shoot with SLR and DSLR cameras and how to develop and edit photos. If she is not taking photos, Aderinsola is most likely spending her time cooking, reading a book or watching a movie.


Aderinsola works hard to create everlasting moments for all of her clients. It is her hope that you will see evidence of such in her work!

Clients, Credits & Features: Hanifa, Outlander Magazine, MALVIE Magazine, SELIN Magazine, University of Pittsburgh