Melanin & Denim

To kick off the start of my GoFundMe campaign for my business (which you can donate to here), I curated my first ever Pop Up Shoot! This Pop Up Shoot was in partnership with photographers Morgan Ottley (@maso_photos) and Deneah Ambroise (@d_fhotos).

Taking advantage of the warm weather, I wanted to capture the glowing melanin of my peers. The theme of this shoot was white and denim attire. With only a few days notice, I was surprised by the amount of people that showed up in coordinated attire! The location of the shoot was Frick Fine Arts Fountain. I opted to shoot around golden hour when the Sun was lower in the sky and my subjects would glow. I hope you enjoy the photos I captured!

To view the complete album, go here. If you are reposting these images, please make sure to tag @aderinsolavisions or credit Aderinsola Visions Photography. Please donate to my GoFundMe so that I can continue my work in photography! Any amount helps.