5 Step Guide to Graduate Portraiture Preparation!

Updated: Jan 31

Step One: Develop Your Vision

Your photographer will help bring your vision to life but it’s up to you to develop it! Your graduation portraits should not only document your accomplishments but also capture the facets of what make you who you are. Take some time to think about how you can personify yourself.

Maybe your future goal is to be a doctor. Grab a stethoscope as a prop! Maybe one of your favorite hobbies is playing soccer. Grab a soccer ball and shoot an action shot of you scoring a goal! Another idea is to create a vision board. Creating a vision board can help you gain inspiration for props, posing, outfits and so on. Pinterest is an excellent tool to create visual boards. Not every graduation shoot needs to be creative but you should maximize your shooting time by coming with a set plan of what you want to portray.

Step Two: Early Is The New On Time

Do yourself and your photographer a favor and arrive at least 15 minutes early to your photography session. This extra time is super valuable! For one, it gives you the opportunity to relax and organize yourself for your photo shoot. When you arrive late, you can appear frazzled, out of breath and not put together. This in turn may have you in a bad mood and you don't want that to be reflected in your pictures.

Secondly, arriving early gives you the time to have any last minute discussions with your photographer. Perhaps you had an amazing idea for your shoot on the ride there. The extra time can benefit you and your photographer in such a way that you are both on the same page as to how the shoot will go!

Finally, arriving early can help you save money! Many photographers charge extra fees for clients that arrive late and/or need to spend extra time shooting past the agreed end time of the shoot. Portraiture sessions are an investment but you do not want to be caught in a situation where your photographer refuses to deliver your photos until you pay the extra fess associated with extra shooting time.