2019 Black Action Society Stroll Competition

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Times have been busy for me lately and it has been a while since I’ve added to my event photography portfolio. This past weekend, I decided to take photos at an event that featured a few of my friends. Along with capturing memories for them, I wanted to test my skills shooting groups in a low lighting situation. This was most definitely a challenge for a few reasons:

1. There were many videographers and photographers so it was hard trying not to get them in the shot

2. The dark environment forced me to use my flash but I felt I was missing a lot because of the long recycle time my flash required for my settings

3. The performers moved at a very fast pace and I had to work hard to track them and keep them in focus

Overall this was quite a learning experience for me and I’m looking forward to challenging myself more so in the future. I am eager to improve my skill set with my camera! Take a look at some of the beautiful shots I captured down below.

To view and download photos in this album, please click here.

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